Quality Policy

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Quality Policy

Quality for NKMZ Central Europe is the strategic index of competitiveness

The quality management system operating at NKMZ Central Europe covers all requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 and does not contain exceptions (non-applicable requirements).

In 2018 the international certification body TUV-Thuringen (Germany) conducted a recertification audit of the quality management system at the enterprise for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Based on the results of the audit, NKMZ received the international certificate TUV International Certification (TIC). The certificate is valid until November 2021.

The certification body of the registered company TUV-Thuringen has DAkkS (Die Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) accreditation certificates for the right to carry out certification of management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. The German accreditation body DAkkS is a member of the Mutual Recognition Agreement concerning MLA certificates. This means that issued by him certificates of compliance with the requirements of the specified standard are internationally recognized, because they are recognized in all countries that have signed the IAF MLA – in Europe, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, etc.

In 2018 the leading qualification services provision company all over the world Lloyd Register (England) approved NKMZ as the manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of Lloyd Register for forgings made of carbon, carbon-manganese and alloyed steel (maximum weight 60 tons). The certificate is valid until July 2021.

In 2017 the classification society Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (Russia) recognized NKMZ as the manufacturer of steel forgings from carbon, carbon-manganese and alloyed steels, weighing up to 60 tons, intended for shipbuilding and marine engineering, satisfying the requirements of part XIII “Materials” of the classification rules and marine vessels construction, under the supervision of the Register. This certificate is valid until October 2021.

In 2015 the international inspection, testing and certification company Bureau Veritas (France) recognized NKMZ as the manufacturer of steel forgings made of carbon, carbon-manganese and alloyed steels that meet the requirements of Bureau Veritas rules for materials and welding for the marine devices classification. The certificate is valid until September 2020..


[blockquote text=”To become equal to the best on the world industrial market, to work better for the superior products” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

To accomplish the identified goals and realize the main business lines in the field of quality the following actions are performed by PJSC “NKMZ”:

continuous analysis of the modern and advanced requirements to the products of heavy, transport and power engineering industries and the trends of these sectors development;

technical re-equipment and renovation of the enterprise, application of the latest technologies to the products manufacture and methods of industrial engineering, expansion and improvement of service maintenance system;

sourcing of reliable suppliers, high-quality raw and other materials as well as components, development of fruitful cooperation with prime vendors on the long-term and mutually-beneficial basis;

improvement of the enterprise management system based on re-engineering of business processes, lean production concepts, establishment of process-oriented enterprise with flexible organizational structure adaptable to the specific conditions of the business and industrial production;

continuous improvement of quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the specific features of production;

taking into account the influence of uncertainty factors and risks on the achievement of the set quality goals;

development of professional knowledge and skills of personnel and involvement of all-level executives, experts and production workers into the activity of the improvement of labor quality and culture, production relations through the improvement of the acting incentive instruments, development of non-financial motivation schemes and the development and improvement of social sphere..

Quality control

The products made by NKMZ Central Europe meet the requirements of standardized documents and customers’ demands enabling the company to be competitive at the world market.

The quality control system enables to supervise the parameters conformance with the standards after each technological process stage.

NKMZ testing center has the necessary modern testing equipment from leading international manufacturers for high-quality control and provides manufactured products with entire complex of checkout tests, including:

chemical analysis of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous alloys during manufacturing process;

complete range of metal mechanical tests for forgings, castings and etc.;

examination of macro- and microstructure condition of the metal;

control of forgings, castings, welded joints and surfacing, etc. for the presence of internal and surface defects by non-destructive methods: ultrasonic, radiographic, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, visual, measuring.

Laboratories of testing center are certified to perform checkout tests by the expert commission from the State enterprise “Donetsk Expert and Technical Center” of State Labour Service and the Chief metrology service – the State enterprise “Ukrainian Research and Technical Center of Metallurgy Industry” “Energostal”..
The competence of testing center engineering personnel is acknowledged by Ukrainian and international educational and certification organizations.

Rewards and achievements

NKMZ Central Europe fruitfully works in the global industry system. Machines and equipment bearing the trademark of “NKMZ” have been exported to 79 world countries, including France, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Romania, China, Italy. Close cooperation continues with the enterprises of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

NKMZ ranks among the 100 best Ukrainian companies.

G.M. Skudar, President of the company is the best top manager of Ukraine following the results of “Man of the Year” award.

More than 60 Quality Marks of “All Russian trademark” have been received in the contest “All Russian trademark” (III millennium) “Quality mark XXI century”.

Victory in the national quality competition and certification of European Foundation for Quality Management “Recognition of Excellence in Europe – 5 *” are the confirmation of the leadership.