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Adaptation and training

Personnel training and adaptation is carried out within the scope of personnel training system in the following main areas:

  • primary training, adaptation and retraining in accordance with the enterprise development strategy and the specifics of the work performed;
  • training to bridge the gap between corporate requirements and the actual level of qualifications and training;
  • training to develop new techniques and methods of performing labor operations;
  • training to improve general qualifications;
  • training in new areas of enterprise development.
  • In connection with the improvement of technologies, upgrading of equipment, reorganization of management, increased requirements for the product quality, much attention is paid to targeted training programs in the system.

Adaptation and training of machine operators occupies a special place in the training system. Annually, in accordance with the Regulation “On the organization and stimulation of the training of machine operators in the production environment of NKMZ PJSC, about 100 young machine operators are trained.

In order to improve the organization of production and labor at workplaces and improve the training program, constant monitoring of the training and adaptation of young machine operators is carried out.

The mentoring system operating at the plant ensures the adaptation of both workers and young specialists to the conditions of production, brings their educational and qualification level to conformity with the requirements of the workplace.

Caring for its future, the plant provides significant assistance to higher and vocational-technical schools in organizing and conducting industrial and undergraduate practice for students, as part of the dual education system. This allows selecting promising students and students already from the initial courses and individually prepare them for further employment at the enterprise.

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